Dr. Liudmila Sheremeteva - Founder, Lead Consultant

Based in the UK, Dr. Liudmila Sheremeteva specialises in providing business development and investment advice for clients seeking to expand their operations into new markets. She also helps clients from emerging market countries to establish a business presence in the UK and in other European countries.  Liudmila has worked extensively in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria and has recently expanded her portfolio to include some African markets. Liudmila has a solid track record of working in a range of sectors including: oil and gas, renewable energy, financial services, logistics, construction materials, charity, manufacturing and property development. Liudmila has experience of working in challenging business environments and with organisations and individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. These include private businesses, High Net Worth Individuals, politicians and senior government officials. This has given her a unique insight into a wide range of cultures and business areas and she has an extended network of international clients and contacts. Liudmila has a Ph.D. in Chemical Technology from the Technical University, Kharkov, Ukraine and an MBA in finance from the University of Leicester. She speaks English, Bulgarian and Russian.

Email: liudmila@fsee.co.uk

Her services include:
  • conducting fundraising activities and introducing potential capital providers to investment projects
  • providing advanced market research with in-depth assessment of political/economic risk and the analysis of regulatory frameworks of new markets
  • working with clients to develop growing strategies and business models
  • managing market entry: assisting in compliance with local regulatory requirements (licensing, certification, establishing a local legal entity etc)
  • identifying local partners and customers for clients' product or service
  • assisting clients in the bidding process in local tenders and taking part in negotiations on their behalf
  • organising local marketing campaigns, assisting in preparation of marketing materials and presentations
  • conducting cross-cultural business training

Dr. Misha Khait - Associate [Russia]

Dr. Andrey Jichev - Associate [Bulgaria]

Gianmauro Nigretti - Associate [Italy]

Ben Boateng - Associate [Ghana]

Eurexport Holding - Associate organization (Uzbekistan)